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Optional equipment

250 000  руб.
220 000  руб.
90 000  руб.
50 000  руб.
110 000  руб.
100 000  руб.
150 000  руб.
240 000  руб.
75 000  руб.
142 000  руб.

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Contempt citation

In June Mr Holder became the first sitting attorney general to be held in contempt of Congress. He faced proceedings after the House Oversight Committee led its own investigation into operation.

'Misguided strategies'

Mr Breuer was criticised for not alerting his superiors in 2010 to flaws in a similar programme, known as Operation Wide Receiver, which started under former President George W Bush.

Fast and Furious: Eric Holder cleared but 14 faulted

The US justice department has cited 14 people for possible disciplinary action for their roles in a botched gun-running operation.